32 + 1

Our baby is getting big! She is just about double her birth weight and she is so cute. She is loving attention too. She looks for us at cares and lives to be held. When we talk to her she looks for us and breaths better if Daddy’s hands are holding hers.


This was a big week because she got dressed up for Halloween. Her picture gets hung up in the NICU hall with all the other babies in their cute costumes. The little outfits are from build a bear and we’re still big. While it made me nervous how much dressing her up and taking photos stressed her out she was really happy to snuggle after.


She is now on high flow oxygen at 1.5 liters and on Tuesday she graduated to room 3. On Tuesday she also had her first eye exam and her eyes look great so far and are almost developed.

Now that she is on high flow I get to try breast feeding and I am so excited. I held her once today and she was too sleepy. She loved snuggling though and didn’t desat once. I talked to her the entire time I held her about Halloween, Christmas, weekly plans and anything else and she loved it. One of Sora’s roomy’s mom came over to me just to let me know that she was there earlier this week while Mike snuggled Sora while I was at work and she said after he left they were saying how sweet he was to spend time with his baby girl and what a good dad he is. I agree!

Tomorrow is my birthday and Mike is going to hold her at 8am while I am at work. We just cannot wait for her to come home!

Weight: 1300g (2lbs 14oz)

Length: 40.5 cm



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