32 + 3 Abducted by Aliens

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetToday its Dad’s lucky day. My first time writing a post. I have got to spend a lot of time with Sora lately and it has been nice. She responds so well to our interactions. She knows when we are here even if it just means sitting bedside. Yesterday Brit was able to spend most of her birthday here and Sora was just smiles all day.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetWe came in today like any other day to find out she was having another eye exam. They look to see how the eyes are developing and with all the stretching and poking it really stresses them out. So Brit and I were both able to come and soothe her during and after the exam. They usually recommend that we don’t stay and watch the eye exam but I ensured them that it can’t be as bad as branding cattle or butchering.  So I got to see them look into her eyes to see how the vessels were growing and also a little camera to view the retina. It was really neat to see and even though she was crying a little at first and kicking her little feet,  I reached into “the kennel” and put my hand on her and she was just calm. She didn’t cry again as they poked around. The nurse also gave her a binky with sugar on it. Between the two of us, Sora made it through the eye exam and was able to be held by Brit afterwards. She couldn’t be happier holding her mama. So then I just had to ask her, Sora, honey, how does it feel to be abducted by aliens?  She still doesn’t appreciate Dad’s humor.  She must be related to her mother!

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