27 + 3

Last night was so good!  Sora’s O2 is in the low 20s and she just looks happier.  Her nurse Jonna is the best and said they just played all night.  She took prints of her hands and feet and she put a pretty little yellow bow in her hair.  I love good days!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset



This is Sora’s good morning video! In photos she is usually sleeping but she is a pretty fiesty and animated baby. We take lots of little videos and love to see her personality.

Aunt Mari Jo and the kids made her some onsies and blankets. It completely made my day yesterday.


During her lunch time cares she got the Anderson tube pulled out that was sucking out air from her belly and replaced with a smaller feeding tube.  She seemed very happy about it and loves chewing on her little tube and blowing bubbles.

Tonight her little hand got stuck on the tape for her tube and she was not very happy about Dad unsticking her. But she settled right down when we read her The Good Dinosaur as her bedtime story and when we left she was fast asleep.

2 thoughts on “27 + 3

  1. I love seeing these pictures and hearing about Sora’s grand adventure on earth, Please keep posting!


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