27 + 2

Last night was good except for a severe A & B that required her to be given helper breaths with a bag. That has never happened before but they suctioned out her nose and mouth and she did great the rest of the night.

They are still not feeding her because they are worried about a stomach infection. Her bowls sound better today and hopefully they will remove the tube sucking out air from her tummy and start feeding her tomorrow. Mike and I are getting impatient about her growth. We know the doctors and nurses are watching after her and they will give her food again when she is ready but she has been hovering at the same weight for over a week. Grow baby girl!

We can’t hold her again until she is more stable. We are ready for some good non rocky days! So is Sora! I wish we could go through all these struggles for her but she is so strong and we are already incredibly proud of her.


Tonight she was so cute and we took so many pictures and videos. She kept pinching at her eyes and nose so she was given a little blankie to hold onto.

She also got the cutest onsies from her Aunt Mari. I will post pictures tomorrow. She now has a Hansen’s Auto onsie which made my day.

Weight: 680 grams

Length: 33 cm

Head Diameter: 22 cm



2 thoughts on “27 + 2

  1. She looks so peaceful all cuddled up and sleeping. We pray for her every day and are so grateful she is doing so well! We love you guys!!


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