27 + 1

Today was a good day with a rough start. I called last night before I went to bed and Sora was cold and temp had dropped to 35.8. They didn’t know why and started running tests. I called again at 2am to check up and there was no real change. At 6am my phone rang with the nurse practitioner to tell us they were still trying to figure things out and she seemed to be doing better. When we got into the hospital at 7:30am they told us that they discovered the bed wasn’t working properly which was the reason for her getting so cold. They stopped her feedings for the day and put in a larger tube that would suck out some of the air in her belly. She had a good day and her belly no longer looks so bloated. Her color also looks much better. I just want to hold her and comfort her so bad but the best thing for her right now is to stay warm and not over stimulated. After reading her a little book about a teddy bear ballerina we watched sleep for a little which and took a video and photos of her playing with her hand.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

I am getting ready for bed and called to check up and she is doing well. Hopefully they will restart her feedings in the morning. She was at 8ml and were starting to fortify with extra calories.

Weight: 670 grams

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