27 + 4

Sora had a pretty good day and her night last night was ok. Her As and Bs have gone up and so we still haven’t been able to hold her. They are keeping a close eye on her and hopefully she will have a good night tonight and we can hold her tomorrow. I want her to be stable and we are really cautious but I also know that she loves being held and does better after we hold her.

She is tolerating her feedings well and while the bed is inaccurate with her weight she has obviously gained weight.

Her little nose is irritated by the breathing tube and she loves pulling on it and pulling it out. I pushed it back in and she let out the saddest little cry and I felt horrible. She looked at me like – you hurt me mom! I just wanted to kiss her and cuddle her so bad. I keep reminding myself that we will be able soon enough.

Tonight her nurse Tori changed her sheets to cute dinosaur sheets. Mike got to hold her up while they were changed. After we read to her a book called Giraffes Can’t Dance. It was really cute!


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