28 + 1

I am loving getting to hold my girl every day! She is having problems with gas caught in her belly. She was really bloated today but after holding her for a couple hours her O2 went down from 55% to 34%. Skin to skin time is the best and it is clear she does so much better when being held.

She had a pick line which is like an IV which is in her arm and runs up the vein to the main artery to her heart. It is what they used to give her medications and today it was removed. Yay! She is now up to 12ml of milk and they are adding calories to it.

Mike shot a roll of B&W film while I held Sora and I cannot wait to see the results.

Length: 13.6 in (34.3 cm)

Head diameter 23cm

Weight: 790 grams (1lb 12 oz)

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