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Yesterday was Sora’s 3 week birthday and she just keeps getting cuter. It has been an easy going couple days which has been so nice.  She just looks happy.


Mike got to hold her Thursday and I held her yesterday and today. I love holding her so much and today is the first time I didn’t stress like crazy over her getting cold because she was so toasty warm snuggling to me. Then as we were getting her back in her bed she got cold and started to have As and Bs after a day of none. It’s such a struggle because we know how beneficial it is to do skin to skin but it’s also such a risk. We are praying she will do well tonight and recover quickly after getting cold.

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She is up to full feeds now at 9ml of milk and it is being fortified tonight for the first time with extra calories. Tonight is a big night!

After she got all wrapped up for the night and fed her milk she was wide awake and all smiles. Then we read to her the Sleepy Little Dragons and she fell right to sleep.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Our little girl is so strong and we are so excited to get to know her more and more every day.

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