33 + 5 Isolette Graduate

img_2127Last night was rough! Sora got 3 vaccinations, they cut her caffeine in half, and tried to move her down to a nasal cannula. Too many changes at once! She was doing so well when we went to bed and then in the morning when I called in to see how the night went I found out that from 3am-7am she had 12 As and Bs that all needed stimulation to get her breathing again.


I was freaking out because I could not be with her today since I’m still getting over a cold. To say the least I was a mess this morning but as the day went on it got better. Mike spent most the day with her and our girl loves her Dad! She had a good day and is acting like herself again.


She gained more weight and is now 3lbs 10oz!!! Because she has been doing so well with her temperature she gets to try being in a crib. After 63 days in an isolette our baby is in a crib tonight!  We will see how it goes and if she is ready. It is just so exciting to see these big changes that are getting us closer to bringing her home.

2 thoughts on “33 + 5 Isolette Graduate

  1. I am freaking out! She is SOcute and SO tiny! I love how alert she is. You can tell she is one smart and strong girl. Oh I just love her so much! I hope you get better soon Britt!! Love you guys!!


  2. Hurray! That is so great that she has made so much progress! She is a cute little thing and you are great parents to help her through this time.


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